Where is Princess Fifi Ejindu?

Urban, cosmopolitan, stylish, showstopper, and many more are some of the words that best describe the persona of Princess Fifi Ekanem Ejindu.

Fifi is the great-granddaughter of King James Ekpo Bassey of Cobham Town in Calabar. Little wonder she oozes royalty anytime she saunters into any public function.

Just like the proverbial masquerade that comes out in it’s best form to display its beautiful attire and aesthetics, Princess Fifi attends social functions in grand opulence ready to make a fashion statement.

Despite being born with a noble aristocratic pedigree, being the daughter of the first minister for health from the defunct Eastern region Professor Silvester Joseph Una, she is indeed an epitome of respect and culture.

She is a humanitarian to the core. She puts humanity first in anything she does. Her charity and philanthropist gestures speak volumes of her persona as a cheerful giver without blinking an eye.

Apart from her family background, her resume is quite an intimidating one. In 1983, she emerged as the first black African woman to be awarded a B.Arch from the prestigious Pratt Institute, a private design college in Brooklyn, New York, where she also bagged her M.sc in Urban Planning.

She is regarded as a woman living in a man’s world. She has refused to be stereotyped with the cliche surrounding women.

Single-handedly, Fifi has redefined construction infusing her traditional renaissance and medieval taste mixed with modern materials to create her magic paying attention to every detail.

Her projects littered across Nigeria and Dubai are receipts for those who have doubted her capability.

Since last year, her admirers are worried about her whereabouts and why she has shunned social gatherings. For over a year now, she rarely attends shindigs and soirees.

Those who wait on the red carpet to catch a glimpse of her fashion statement anytime she graces an event have also missed her dearly.

Her lowkey style lately is becoming worrisome as it has begun to generate a mixed reaction from her admirers.

Sources told Society Rendezvous that she seems to have been preoccupied with lots of work in Akwa Ibom state, where she’s currently consulting for Governor Emmanuel Udom on vital projects.

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