Tunji Bello’s heart of thanksgiving

If Tunji Bello was to begin counting his blessings, it will take him 59 years to do so. Ever since he was born, he has enjoyed uncommon grace thrown at him by his creator.

Celebrating his 59th birthday might not call for a big soiree, but witnessing another year on mother earth in good health and wealth, at a time when many of his peers are being visited by grim-reaper, is a much reason to loud his voice in praise in thanking his creator for such rare opportunity.

The former Secretary to the Lagos State Government did not attain his position by luck but through sheer-dint of hard work. His resume is quite an intimidating one as a seasoned technocrat, lawyer, political scientist, environmentalist, boardroom guru blessed with progressive ideology.

Those who had come in contact with the former journalist are so shocked at his level of humility and generousity.

A source disclosed that “Nobody that approaches Tunji Bello with an issue without a solution. He is ever ready to help. He is checked to assist people in need and he tries his best to ensure he contributes his own quota to uplift humanity”.

The Lagos Commissioner for Environment and Water Resource is currently in a happy mood and for his 59th birthday, he opted for a lowkey birthday celebration with no fanfare.

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