StarTimes introduces new entertainment offerings for kids

STARTIMES has announced the introduction of a dedicated TV programme, “Star Kids Gala,’’ for kids.

The 30 minutes English programme, which airs on ST Kids Channel, is poised to excite children with fascinating contents that include dances, songs, magic shows, and many more.

ST Kids is one of the most popular channels among children with timely, uncommon, and innovative content.

Recently, a dedicated educational TV programme for children, ‘Homeschooling,’ was launched on the ST Kids channel to help kids learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.

StarTimes also launched a children channel named TOONAMI. which is positioned to air animated superhero to teens from age 6-14years with series that includes; Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Lego Super Heroes, and Dragon Ball.

More entertainment content for young adults is in the offing as StarTimes looks forward to the launch of ‘CBEEBIES’.

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