Ondo APC delegates reject rogues status

Some delegates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State have said they are ready to show some of the governorship aspirants that they are ‘truly rogues’ at the July 20 governorship primary election.

The delegates, who declared war on the aspirants for calling them rogues and untrusted party people, said many of the aspirants were not in the APC when its structure was formed.

Some aspirants, who kicked against the use of indirect mode of primaries for the Ondo APC primary, said they could trust the party delegates if the indirect mode was finally adopted.

They described the party delegates as ‘rogues’, who were ready to milk them dry.

But some of the delegates, in a statement issued in Akure and signed by Yemi Akinwande (Central), Muyiwa Olakunle (North) and Ayenuro James (South), said they were ready to show the aspirants that they were ‘truly rogues’.

They said some aspirants could still be swayed but for the unguarded statements from the aspirants.

“Their statement on us really shows the kind of leaders these aspirants will be if they are finally elected as the candidate of our great party. We take exception to their name calling habit, just as we are battle ready to show them that we are ‘rogues’.

“Our party is for all comers. Many of them were not in the party when we emerged as delegates. We will not allow them to come into our house and undermine our integrity.

“In 2016, Olusola Oke defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to APC. He was not with us when we were forming the structure of the party. Yet, he participated in the primary election. Although he lost, he had delegates who voted for him. They weren’t rogues then? They didn’t milk him dry then? Did he not camp delegates at different hotels and give them money?”

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