Nigeria records 562 new cases of COVID-19, total now 37,225

Nigeria on Tuesday night recorded 562  new cases of COVID-19

According to a tweet from Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the total number of cases so far in Nigeria is now 37,225.

The NCDC further revealed that  801  people have died from the virus, with 15,333  patients discharged.

The Federal Capital Territory took the lead with 102 infected patients on Tuesday, with Lagos following with 100. The state by state beak-down of others infected with COVID-19, as released by the NCDC are as follows:

Plateau-52 Kwara-50 Abia-47 Kaduna-35 Benue-34 Oyo-26 Ebonyi-24 Kano-16 Niger-15 Anambra-14 Gombe-12 Edo-11 Rivers-6 Nasarawa-5 Delta-5 Borno-3 Enugu– 2 Bauchi-2 Kebbi-1

9 thoughts on “Nigeria records 562 new cases of COVID-19, total now 37,225

  1. This is getting worse day by day.

    May God help us.

    I pray that this Covid-19 story will surly end one day.

  2. Thank God oxford university have discovered a vaccine soon this corona issue will be over

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