LUME to redefine music distribution

A new music distribution firm, Level Up Media and Entertainment (LUME) has been set up to redefine music distribution and ensure smooth delivery for artists and record labels in Nigeria and around the world.

LUME, an initiative of two young entrepreneurs, Emeka Stephen Uzoka and Ifeanyichukwu Paul Afor, was born out of the desire to help independent artists to raise funds from their songs.

“Artistes help the blogs drive more traffic which helps the blogger to make more and leave the artistes empty-handed. This prompted me and my partner Paul Afor to thinking about a solution that would work and help artistes make money from their songs, including songwriters. Level up media and entertainment is not just a music distribution company, it is a 360-degree music marketing platform that includes playlist pitching, ad campaigns, radio promotion, and tour planning,” said Uzoka.

Also, the co-founder, Paul Afor, said LUME is the first-ever remote-based music distribution platform in Nigeria and Africa possibly that have the vision to employ over one thousand workers both direct and indirect staff in Nigeria and Africa at large in the next five years.

“The world is now a global village and it is easy for music and news to circulate with very good marketing and this is the aspect we have added to make a difference in the entertainment industry. The issue of not being transparent about the revenue an artist makes from his/her song is not in the dictionary of LUME. We have built-in streams and download counter that is displayed on every artist dashboard for you to know what revenue you have made so far, we are also planning to put in place our streaming platform by next year, The streaming platform is currently in major progress in the tech lab and its planned to completely disrupt how music streaming services are handled in Africa.

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