How tractor platform will boost farming’

An indigenous technology firm, Origin Automotive Works, has unveiled a new tractor hailing application, “Tractor on the Go”, as part of efforts to revolutionise agriculture.

The mobile application platform will connect millions of farmers to modern agricultural facilities and equipment, such as tractors, sprayers, planters and harvesters.

Origin Group President, Prince Joseph Samuel, said the application will help agents, farmers and operators access equipment that would enable them to perform timely farming operations and achieve economies of scale in food production.

“It enables investment in agriculture mechanisation as investors will have real-time information on their equipment productivity. For farmers, it is goodbye to endless wait in searching of tractors,” he said.

Product Development Manager, Mr Olusegun Emmanuel, said with ‘Tractor on the Go’, users are allowed to provide some details that can ensure effective use of the tractor they are requesting.

“We are very optimistic that the introduction of this application would improve farmers’ yield.

“With such smart farming technologies, we would be able to reduce costs, maximize yields and profits for farmers and other users and still be incredibly efficient in the process,” he said.

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