Here’s why Yinka Davies slowed down long before turning 50

Singer, actress and fine artist, Yinka Davies, believes an auto-accident that left her injured for several months actually helped her slow down on living a fast life.

In an interview with earlier in the year, Davies said “…Anyway, back to the dark period when the lights went out, I had a baby before the accident. That accident seemed to have been necessary so that I could calm down because the rate, the way I was going, it was obvious that I was living so fast so that I could die young. It was like I was living fast, so that I could die at 30! I was living damn too fast. I was living high up there. As crazy as it may sound, it happens to some people. But somehow, God didn’t allow it for me. I thank God for that; I thank you Jesus.”

On Thursday, July 16, the complete entertainer turned 50 and she had fans and colleagues celebrating her life and career.

Known to have been consistent with her love for jazz and traditional sounds, Davies has made landmark strides in the entertainment industry acting, singing and painting for 30 years.

In the interview , she noted that she kicked off as a fine artist after which she fell in love with acting after a chance performance at the national art theatre. She was originally casted for popular TV series, ‘Checkmate’ but didn’t make it due to delay from the producer and she got entangled with music. Davies had since shuttled around acting, singing and drawing or painting in the last 30 years.

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