Femi Ogundoro’s Views Channel turns 2

FEMI Ogundoro’s Views Channel recently turned two. And to celebrate the milestone, the media entrepreneur opened up on some of the television channel’s achievements and projections for the year.

In a brief chat, Ogundoro expressed his gratitude to God and the viewers. “I would just say thank God for how far we have come. There’s nothing we could have achieved without the grace and God’s direction and wisdom in the past two years.”

Continuing, he said, “ I remember when I got the idea of this channel in 2009, I said, I didn’t want the trouble. And here we are in two years. I would say it’s two years of God truly showing that he’s God because a lot of people said different things before we started. You want to start a television channel, there’s a certain platform you have to be on for it to become viable but it’s a myth because we have been able to cross it out. Yes, maybe in terms of mileage but viability, commercial viability or acceptance, that notion is not right.”

Ogundoro also revealed that though the first month was a major struggle, he and his team have been able to forge ahead and become outstanding. “Another thing is how do you run a 24-hour outfit and still maintain the quality, honestly, I can’t explain how we have done it but it’s been a journey from August 2018 and it was a struggle for a month after which we had a major telecom company and other brands followed. TV business is about content and to get content, it’s about money. So, it’s not a cheap venture and that is what set certain platforms apart from others. For us in the last two years, it’s been an experience.”

Views channels kicked off in 2018 and has grown to become one of the youth-oriented and lifestyle channels for youths on cable television in the last two years.