Fast-rising rapper Daviski wants to fight sexual abuse with music

Brazil-based Nigerian artist David Ajakaiye aka Daviski has promised to use his music to raise awareness against various sexual abuses in Nigeria.

Launching an advocacy group, Music Against Rape (MAR), in Lagos, Daviskil said he was touched to champion the campaign against rape and rapists because he understood very well the emotional and psychological trauma that often come with rape.

Daviski, an independent rap act, has also condemned what he termed the lip service attention is given to rape and other sexual offenses by the government.

“Yes, I had my early years in Nigeria but my sojourn abroad over the years as a student and artiste has brought me face to face with issues related to sex abuse, especially rape and I know many advance countries don’t joke with it because of the emotional and psychological trauma attached to it. But here, what do we see? We hear and see cases of rape swept under the carpet, we see rapist escaping justice and we see the victims suffering in silence,” he began.

Continuing, Daviski said, “Perhaps one thing we are good at is to go on social media to make noise without follow up. While the story is trending in Nigeria, the perpetrators are escaping justice. This must end. As an artist, I have decided to use my God-given talents to create awareness and call on both the leaders and the lead on the evil of keeping silent while the crime is being committed daily against women and school girls.”

Born and bred in Kukuruku hills of Edo as David Ajakaiye, the artiste first cut his teeth in music and acting at the church as a chorister.

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