Cameron Diaz Says She Found “Peace” Only After Retiring From Acting

Cameron Diaz joined Gwyneth Paltrow for the latest episode of In Goop Health: The Sessions, where they discussed how she found “peace” and motherhood

Cameron Diaz’s decision to retire at what was seemingly the height of her career was met with skepticism at the time, but it’s now clear that it was the best move for the Hollywood starlet.

As she explained to Gwyneth Paltrow for the latest episode of In Goop Health: The Sessions, Cameron’s devotion to her career meant that she never made “any space for [her] personal life.”

“I just decided that I wanted different things out of my life. I had gone so hard for so long, working, making films and it’s such a grind,” she said. “When you’re making a movie—it’s a perfect excuse—they own you. You’re there for 12 hours a day for months on end and you have no time for anything else.”

Moreover, the Charlie’s Angels star said that her life in the spotlight was draining, something that Gwyneth said she could “understand.”

It’s so intense to work at that level and be that public and put yourself out there. There’s a lot of energy coming at you at all times when you’re really visible as an actor and doing press and putting yourself out there,” she shared, adding that she is particularly “sensitive” to the “energies” of other people.

But Cameron said that when she turned 40, she decided to find herself and become “self-sufficient” again, especially since she had been catered to so much in her career.

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