BBNaijaReunion2020: We are not friends – Avala tells Ella

Monday night saw the ladies of the Big Brother Naija re-union show discuss issues with the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

The discussions began with Ella, a former housemate.

Ebuka asked if she was being misunderstood in her time in the house, and she replied that she did not have time to explain herself to everyone.

Ebuka went on to ask Avala what she thinks about Ella, and she replied saying that Ella cannot be trusted.

She gave an example of them being in the hotel after their eviction from the show, and Ella did not show any sign of resentment, till she got to a radio station, where she was barking at Avala.

Ebuka went on to question Jackye on who her true friends were in the house, and she mentioned Enkay and Venita. She said it was impossible for her to vibe with disqualified housemate, Tacha.

Ebuka went on to replay a clip where Jackye was seen suggesting that Tacha came into the house with some diabolical powers.

The fight between Thelma and Tacha over fish was re-visited, with Thelma saying that “it was a genuine fight”. Tacha said she did not give her fish that day “because of the way she requested”.

The re-union on Monday night concluded with KimOprah having a little disagreement with Ella over a discussion that Tacha was smelling. Ella admitted saying that, and apologized to Tacha, with Tacha replying “let’s move on”.

The Big Brother Naija re-union show is for housemates of the previous season coming together to discuss issues that happened while they were in the house.

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  1. Wow interesting update, so Ella apologised to Tacha for saying she was smelling in this BBNaija’s reunion2020..

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