Actor Lalude gets N200K after interview with Woli Arole

Yoruba actor Fatai ‘Lalude’ Adetayo got himself the sum of N200,000 from the Kokun Foundation after an interview with Woli Arole on Instagram.

The actor got the funds after appearing as a guest on Woli Arole’s Instagram interview, Chat with Woli Arole.

According to Arole, Kokun Foundation decided to support the aging actor with the funds after an interesting conversation on the programme.

Arole went on to say he was surprised when he got the call from the Kokun Foundation, stating their support towards the actor for his contribution to the entertainment sector.

Arole wrote, “Words fail me to appreciate this gentleman called @kokunfoundation. When he saw that I was bringing Lalude for #chatroomwithwoliarole. He called me and said he would love to give Baba something.

Kokun came for the live show, celebrated Lalude, and also sent 200k to him. Network wan do the money strong thing, Kokun use call to scatter my head, asking has baba seen the money. God bless your good heart,” he stated.

“@kokunfoundation it’s an honour knowing you. Lalude you’re a LEGEND thanks for coming on #chatroomwithwoliarole.

This is my own JOY putting smiles on people’s faces. Thanks to all our fans and friends too. #chatroomwithwoliarole to the WORLD.”

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